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Reset & Reaccelerate: Tech’s Guide to Sustainable CX Growth

Cover of VXI eBook 'Reset & Reaccelerate: Tech’s Guide to Sustainable CX Growth in 2024' with digital interface images.

With GenAI usage increasing and the world leaning into digitalization, now is the ideal time to optimize the CX.

Although prioritizing the CX may feel counterintuitive in a stalled economy, recall that even small interest rate drops are bound to unleash high levels of pent-up demand!

Get your CX teams ready to manage the return to higher customer volumes with more streamlined, convenient, and purposeful customer service delivery. A thoughtful, strategic CX is not only the answer to market reacceleration, but for sustainable growth in the AI era.

From making agent training more effective to deploying AI with purpose, this eBook will help you turn today’s macroeconomic pains into CX efficiency gains.

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What you will learn:

This eBook outlines 9 digestible ways for tech companies to prepare for the next wave of growth, including:

  • What common CX issues to consider as you ramp up.

  • Where to invest in contact center tech stack optimization.

  • How to equip your customer-facing team for higher levels of efficiency.

  • How to make service even more convenient.