Call Center KPIs

Call center key performance indicators (KPIs) measure the effectiveness of customer support, customer satisfaction, and overall performance within the call center. Call center KPIs fall under the umbrella of other contact center metrics and are some of the most effective ways of understanding how effective operations and technologies are within the contact center.

Call center KPIs vary widely, and all may not apply to your specific business or industry. But, some of the more common metrics deal directly with the customer experience when they contact support for help resolving an issue. Customer satisfaction (CSAT), first response time (FRT), net promoter score (NPS), and customer effort score (CES), all indicate how well a customer service interaction went and can often predict how likely that customer is to keep doing business with you.

VXI has been meeting and exceeding call center KPIs for our brand partners since 1998. As customer expectations grow and new KPIs enter the fold, VXI can elevate the customer experience and ensure that your business is performing in a way that delights your customers and provides support to scale.

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