Contact Center Metrics

Contact center metrics measure various elements of customer support in order to highlight areas for improvement and indicate performance throughout the organization. Putting the customer first and foremost while also focusing on operational efficiencies and cost-savers is no easy task, but one that contact center leaders take on daily. Contact center metrics help identify friction within the customer journey so that steps can be taken to remedy them. They also indicate agent efficiencies and illuminate where costs can be lowered, amongst others.

Some of the most popular contact center metrics include:

  • Net Promotor Score (NPS), which evaluates how likely a customer is to recommend a brand to others
  • Customer Effort Score (CES), which measures how easy it was for a customer to get their issue resolved
  • First-Contact Resolution (FCR), which shows whether customers’ needs are getting met without needing to contact support again
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), which indicates how satisfied customers are with a brand’s products or services
  • First Response Time (FRT), which gauges how long a customer waits before connecting with a support agent
  • Cost Per Call (CPC), which calculates how much money goes into a support call, thus highlighting areas for improved efficiency

The above are just a handful of the metrics contact center leaders use to measure performance and identify areas for growth.

Today’s customers expect seamless experiences across their preferred channels, and contact center metrics help illuminate how businesses are meeting those expectations. A recent survey conducted by VXI and Execs in the Know revealed a 13% improvement in FCR in 2023 from the prior year, and that resolution rate percentages (another contact center metric that divides the resolved support tickets by the total number of tickets received) are improving across all channel types (voice, text-based, self-help, and social media). When contact center leaders use these metrics to identify where things are going wrong, they can take proactive steps to make them right – and track their performance the whole way.

VXI has been delivering world-class customer experience for over 25 years and has consistently outperformed expectations from our brand partners. When companies partner with VXI to outsource their customer support, we work in tandem to identify the contact center metrics that will showcase the customer experience and employee experience, illuminate opportunities to grow and scale, and much more. Take, for example, VXI’s performance for one of our brand partners, a global ride-share leader.

  • VXI quickly took the top spot from our brand partner’s other outsourcing partners in terms of CX and resolution metrics.
  • VXI also obtained an unprecedented 99% CSAT rating and improved support across all channels.

Read more about it, and how VXI can improve your CX and contact center metrics, in this case study.