Digital Outsourcing

Digital outsourcing refers to the strategic practice of working with third-party service providers to design, deploy, and scale digital channels, technologies, and support functions. Today customers are increasingly connected and digitally conscious, requiring on-demand multichannel experiences, optimized customer journeys, and outcome-based partnership models to keep pace with rising expectations.

In fact, as of 2023, HFS Research reported that the global customer experience (CX) management sector has surpassed $125 billion, largely due to the proliferation of digital services. This has challenged business process outsourcers (BPOs) to think differently, adopt a digital-first mindset, and invest in helping brands increase the efficacy of their cloud-based contact center AI solutions.

As a leading provider of digital outsourcing, VXI offers comprehensive CX transformation and channel orchestration capabilities to help business leaders simplify the service experience, accelerate growth, and reduce the overall cost per contact (CPC). From digital maturity assessments to process mapping and platform optimization, we help organizations design integrated digital experiences across customer support chatbots, self-service, social media customer support, and other text-based channels such as live chat, asynchronous messaging, and SMS-based customer support.

Read our whitepaper, “Solving the CX Puzzle with Design Thinking,” to learn how we help our partners unlock the full potential of their digital services and transformational investments.