Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is a contact center metric that evaluates a brand’s customer experience (CX) and predicts how likely customers are to promote that brand to others. Typical net promoter scores are found by asking customers a single question of how likely they are to recommend the company, product, or service to their friends or coworkers, to which the customer would answer on a scale of 0-10.

  • Promoters answer either nine or 10 and are usually a brand’s most loyal customers.
  • Passives say seven or eight and are typically satisfied with the brand, but not overly enthusiastic.
  • Detractors fall between the zero and six range and are unlikely to continue to do business with that brand – and may even discourage others by word of mouth or online.

NPS has become a standard tool not only in gauging customer satisfaction (CSAT) but in informing CX strategies and promoting organic brand advocacy. If a brand consistently sees “detractor” or “passive” scores, it can then reevaluate its support offerings on all channels in order to delight its customers moving forward. This often leads to a stronger presence on social media, including live support on various platforms.

VXI has consistently improved NPS for our brand partners,both through surveys and by direct response. By monitoring conversations and mentions on social media channels, VXI’s social media support experts can help control the narrative by reaching out directly to those customers on the brand’s behalf. This proactive approach can not only mitigate negative brand advocacy, but also demonstrate to customers that it is a brand that cares about their satisfaction and will take action to prove it.

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