SMS Customer Support

SMS customer support plays an integral role within the digital service ecosystem and can be defined as any support your business provides its customers through the Short Message Service (SMS) platform. Texting stands out as an exceptionally efficient support channel, due to its widespread availability, speed, cost-effectiveness, and overall convenience for both customers and businesses.

In fact, the use of text-based channels, including SMS customer support, is on the rise. According to EITK’s 2023 CX Leaders Trends & Insights Consumer Edition report, it has surpassed voice-based interactions in frequency of use for the first time. Texting's scalability and customer preference are evident:

  • 61%of customers want a two-way conversation when it comes to SMS customer service
  • 48%of customers prefer communication from businesses to come from text messages
  • And55%of businesses are now providing SMS customer communications as of 2022

As more brands are adding SMS to their digital outsourcing services, here are a few tips from VXI’s domain experts to get it right:

  • Speed: Respond quickly (within 20 seconds is advised for the first text)
  • Personalization: Personalize the engagement using known information and conversational themes
  • Empathy: Acknowledge the issue at hand and articulate the next steps
  • Effortless resolutions: Do everything you can to resolve issues within the SMS channel
  • The WOW factor: Humanize support by sounding authentic and sticking to the brand voice guidelines

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