Social Media Customer Support

Social media customer support is a customer service approach that involves actively engaging with and addressing customer inquiries, concerns, and feedback on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. It aims to provide rapid and personalized assistance to customers where they are most active online, fostering meaningful interactions and amplifying positive brand sentiment online.

According to Sprout Social, customer preferences for social media customer care have skyrocketed in recent years, and 30% of consumers claim they would switch to a competitor’s brand if it offered a better social support experience.

But most companies today are still treating social media customer care as an afterthought and a last resort channel, instead of a two-way conversational platform to improve the customer experience, proactively mitigate risks, and unlock opportunities for value creation (i.e., retention, referrals, and revenue).

To help brands unlock social media’s full potential, and increase customer lifetime value, VXI offers Legendary Social Media CX.

VXI's award-winning Legendary Social Media CX solution is a comprehensive offering that combines strategy, design thinking, technology, and talent to help leading brands create, scale, and maintain exceptional customer support experiences.

Through social media consulting, customer and community engagement, social analytics, and platform optimization, we help companies “do social” the right way, humanizing care at scale with witty, relatable content, quick response times, and in-channel resolutions.

Some of our results have included:

  • A 161.4% increase in positive customer sentiment
  • $752k in cost savings due to improved operational efficiency and platform optimization
  • A 51% improvement in the brand’s flush rate
  • 2x the response rate within 4 months
  • A 71% improvement in issue resolution

Read more about VXI’s Legendary Social Media CX solution here, or check out our three-part blog series on how to make social media your top-performing CX channel for NPS and customer lifetime value.