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9 CX Habits for Mid-Sized Companies

Smiling woman on phone with cityscape background, featuring text '9 CX Habits for Fast-Growing, Highly Efficient Mid-Sized Companies' by VXI.

Inflation and interest rates are sky-high, and many companies are struggling to do more with less and adopt AI-enriched solutions. 

Knowing that streamlined growth is the way to get ahead, the wisest of mid-sized companies are prioritizing contact center optimization now to prepare for the inevitable boom in business that will occur when there’s even a hint of an economic rebound.


From making agent training more effective to deploying AI with purpose, this eBook will help you turn today’s macroeconomic pains into CX efficiency gains.

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What you will learn:

This eBook outlines how midmarket companies can grow more efficiently by:

  • Recognizing typical mid-sized growing pains and strains.

  • Embracing the lessons learned from the dot-com bust.

  • Deploying technology with customer-centricity.

  • Implementing the 9 CX habits to tackle your next growth spurt efficiently