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VXI’s Guide to Building Your Channel Strategy Framework

Cover of a guide titled 'Building Your Channel Strategy Framework' by VXI.

This quick start guide - from VXI’s CX Acceleration team - is designed to increase your understanding of channel choice, guided design, channel orchestration, and the hallmarks of frictionless omnichannel experiences.  

The guide provides tips on using data to identify gaps while balancing channel choice and guided design to achieve an optimal customer experience. Included along with numerous illustrations and examples are the team’s sage “5 Ps of fine-tuning channel performance” so you can transform your own channel strategy and maximize customer satisfaction. 

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What you will learn:

The guide will help readers to make informed channel decisions by:

  • Evaluating current state:

    Your ideal strategy may involve optimizing what you already have.

  • Using data to optimize:

    Analyze the data within recordings, transcripts, tickets, etc.

  • Creating visual maps:

    How to model your right channeling and skills-based routing approach.

  • Factoring customer choice:

    Two or three integrated channels may lead to better CSAT than multiple disparate channels.