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The VXI CX Acceleration Team’s Guide to Creating Legendary Social Media Customer Experiences

Cover design for 'A Comprehensive Guide for Creating Legendary Social Media Customer Experiences' by VXI.

Top-down marketing is becoming less effective, as customers are increasingly reliant on reviews and the social media customer experience (CX) to make purchase decisions. This eBook, published by VXI's CX Acceleration team, provides instructions on how to deliver legendary social care at scale.  

From journey mapping to hiring, and crafting memorable social responses, this guide itemizes the essentials for social channel optimization, including the magic bullets of SaaS and AI for filtering, routing, and automating key workflow. Within this guide, our teams demonstrate how blurring the lines between marketing and customer service can benefit customers and your online brand reputation. 

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What you will learn:

This eBook outlines how to achieve legendary social care featuring:

  • Speed that delights:

    Response time is a memorable service differentiator.

  • Personalized experiences:

    Start small (e.g., with first names) and tailor progressively.

  • Resolution in-channel:

    It’s no longer acceptable to redirect customers to a 1-800#.

  • Empathy and humor:

    Use apologies and wit to humanize, (re)connect, and convert.