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The VXI CX Acceleration Team’s Whitepaper for Solving the CX Puzzle with Design Thinking

Cover of the VXI whitepaper 'Solving the CX Puzzle with Design Thinking,' featuring a happy man with a smartphone, illustrating customer engagement.

This whitepaper by VXI explores a transformative approach to customer engagement solutions, emphasizing the shift from short-term performance metrics to long-term value and efficiency gains. Through process excellence, journey mapping, and design thinking, it guides readers to break the "find and fix" cycle.  

Organized into four key steps - discover, design, disrupt, and deploy - the whitepaper offers practical guidance supported by illustrations, charts, and examples for elevating experiences and optimizing costs across your service delivery network.

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What you will learn:

To unlock more value, this whitepaper describes the importance of:

  • Design thinking:

    Ideate with your customers, employees, and partners.

  • Transformation in sprints:

    An agile approach is best as you test new channels, etc.

  • ROI modeling:

    The critical role of value mapping to keep lean teams on track

  • Real world application:

    How one company leveraged design-thinking principles to improve the experience and achieve $1.3M in cost savings.