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An MBE Insider’s Perspective on How to Vet & Diversify Your Supply Chain to Drive True Impact

Cover of the ebook 'How to Vet & Diversify Your Supply Chain to Drive True Impact', featuring a diverse group of professionals.

More and more, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming a factor in purchasing decisions, both within forward-thinking companies looking for partners and among prospective end-customers. To increase social and economic impact, boost innovation through diverse perspectives, and reach wider markets, this interactive eBook describes how to build a more resilient supply chain, maximize procurement power with minority-owned business enterprises (MBEs), and truly bring DE&I policies to life.  

This eBook features a four-step approach to optimizing your procurement practices as well as an MBE supplier checklist for vetting potential new partners.    

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What you will learn:

Turn a peripheral “feel-good” program into a core-values, profit-generating one with this eBook, which is a primer on how to:

  • Build MBE relationships:

    Use associations, networks, and events to enrich your supply chain. 

  • Define needs and goals:

    Consider your market, industry, growth plans, and budget.

  • Commit to diversity:

    All departments play a role – this is not just a procurement team exercise.

  • Measure the impact:

    Certifications, surveys, training, etc., show what you have accomplished and can improve.