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5 Ways Credit Unions Can Accelerate Their CX Strategy with Digital Transformation

An electronic device displaying the cover of a VXI guide, '15 Ways Credit Unions Can Get Their Mojo Back with Digital Transformation'.

With an average age of 47, most credit union members are digitally savvy and, even when speaking to an agent, prefer digitally assisted experiences for faster outcomes. As a result, many financial services brands are contemplating hefty digital transformations. Having more channels and more technology, however, is not the goal - creating the best experience is.

Providing the fastest path to resolution is key, even if it means fewer channel choices. Packed with industry learnings, this guide provides tips for uncovering the contact drivers and workflows that are best suited for automation, partial automation, or live-agent support. 

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What you will learn:

Leaders can transition from voice to non-voice channels by acting on VXI’s guidance on:

  • Mystery shopping:

    Walk in the members’ shoes online.

  • Channel prioritization:

    Take a selective “channel guidance” approach.

  • Explore GenAI:

    Adapt your channel strategy to include generative AI.

  • Boost with bots:

    Leverage virtual assistants to improve response times.

  • Pave the way:

    Help customers transition from IVR to digital.