Foster a CX That Yields Frequent Returns

Financial services outsourcing that inspires customer trust, contains the costs to serve, and yields scalable social and economic impact.

Partnering for a better financial CX is an investment in reputation management and customer-centricity. With VXI's financial services outsourcing solutions, you can offer expert, loyalty-focused customer care, helping customers envision a secure place to store their money, get sound advice, and access financial support with ease. Transform single-product customers into multi-product customers for life with our tailored solutions designed to enhance every customer interaction. 

Elevating Loyalty & Trust with Personalized CX Solutions

From digital-native crypto investors to cash-first customers, VXI delivers personalized CX solutions. By prioritizing human-centered design and leveraging advanced AI and live-agent solutions, we deliver experiences that convert single-product customers into multi-product customers for life.

How We Help

  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • CX Design & Delivery for:
    • Cards & Deposits
    • Billing & Disputes
    • Mobile Banking
    • Buy-Now-Pay-Later
    • Account Servicing
    • Prepaid Cards
  • Risk & Fraud Mitigation
  • Know Your Customer Back-Office Processing
  • Banking Operations Support

Who We Help 

  • Banks  
  • Credit, Savings & Loan Associations 
  • Brokerage Firms 
  • Payment Transfer & Processors 
  • Investment, Wealth, &  
    Asset Management 
  • Insurance 
  • Credit Cards 
  • Mortgages & Loans 
  • Pensions  
  • Financial Technology 
  • First-Party Collections 

Where We Are

  • U.S.
  • Philippines
  • Jamaica
  • India
  • Guatemala
  • Finland
  • Egypt
  • China

VXI’s Financial Services Solutions

Discover our unique, people-first approach.

Cover of a VXI branded 2-pager document on BFSI

CX for the BFSI Industry

Cover of a VXI branded 2-pager document on Impact Hub

VXI Impact Hub

Cover of a VXI branded 2-pager document on Risk and Fraud Management

Risk & Fraud Management

Results You Can Bank On

With new BFSI companies popping up every day, the need to differentiate with inclusive and confidence-building service offerings has never been greater.


Inspire Customer Trust


Boost loyalty with VXI’s financial services CX support. Our AI-enhanced training, custom knowledge bases, and dynamic agent coaching ensure quality across all channels.  

We leverage data to authenticate customers, prevent fraud, and provide personalized recommendations to connect your business with new markets and your customers with the right products. 


Contain the Costs to Serve


Choose VXI to drive balance-sheet improvements. We’ll address growth challenges and customer fee sensitivities with value, empathy, and responsiveness.  

Our solutions use human-centered design, analytics, and the latest technologies to build lasting client connections. By enhancing front-office delivery and streamlining back-office processes, we reduce costs, allowing you to pass savings on to customers.


Yield Scalable Social Impact 


Looking to deepen relationships with more diverse communities? VXI’s Impact Hubs connect financial firms with underserved communities, creating jobs, enhancing skills, and driving local economies.  

As a minority business enterprise (MBE), VXI cultivates a diverse talent pipeline that is ready to flex for maximum cost-effectiveness. Combining purpose-driven impact sourcing with CX outsourcing is a competitive force-multiplier. 


The Road to Purpose-Driven Outsourcing

For legitimate reasons, many financial institutions would prefer to employ those at home than abroad. The good news is that, with VXI, they have options. This whitepaper explains how impact sourcing empowers BFSI companies to build their brands, reinvest in America, address domestic social challenges, and connect with a purpose-driven, customer-first, rightshoring strategy.


Supporting International Expansion and Rapid Growth for a Global Payments Company

When a $30B company needed multi-channel customer service and back-office support for customer inquiries, customer account management, collections, and account reconciliation, they turned to VXI Philippines. 

A man working with a laptop and holding a phone.


  • 30 second AHT reduction at launch
  • Ramp up and training of 100 FTEs in 2 months
  • Web and mobile app localization in 32 languages
  • VXI is the #1 provider for voice and email

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Benefit from human-centered design strategies that increase satisfaction and streamline banking, credit card, payment transfers and loans, and/or wealth management interactions for both your customers and employees.

Curtail CX costs and cultivate confidence while championing social and economic change.

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