Purpose-Driven Outsourcing 

VXI Impact Hubs
Transforming Customer Service, Empowering
Lives, & Helping Communities Thrive

For businesses looking to amplify their corporate social responsibility and supplier diversity initiatives, VXI offers the ability to procure high-value services domestically, while supporting socially conscious community development.


It’s a business model with a domino effect. By creating one job, three more follow by investing in underserved areas with high unemployment rates through VXI Impact Hubs.


VXI Impact Hubs 

VXI Impact Hubs connect leading brands with top talent in underserved communities, creating jobs, enhancing skills, and driving economic growth through physical and virtual contact centers and partnerships with minority-serving institutions. 

Our Goal? 

To create 2,500 jobs in underserved communities by 2025.


Scale Your Impact with VXI

Meet and exceed your CX goals with a minority-owned, NMSDC-certified BPO, while creating shared value for your customers, employees, communities, and stakeholders. 

Advance Economic Mobility in underserved communities

Provide Living Wages to ensure financial stability 

Reduce the Wealth Gap through equitable employment 

Develop Professional Skills and career readiness 

Increase Minority Talent Pipeline for a diverse workforce 

Create Jobs and amplify your CSR initiatives 

Over $100M

in economic and social impact for one healthcare provider, and an increase in member satisfaction. 

Experience the Difference a Growth Impact BPO Can Make   

It’s time to change the way we do business. Learn how we can help elevate experiences, impact communities, and help employees thrive.



Customer Loyalty & Trust


Employee Engagement & Retention


Economic & Social Impact at Scale


Innovation & Market Opportunities

Start maximizing your impact today.