Unlock Exponential Growth:
Acquire More Customers with AI-Driven
Revenue Strategies

At VXI, we help you get to YES faster. With seasoned on-demand sales experts and AI-enabled analytics, we zero in on your ideal customer – those who value your brand and products – closing deals faster while keeping your leads flowing, your customer experience (CX) sticky, and your cost per acquisition low.

Amplify Your Sales with VXI

Partnering with VXI means getting it done.

No time-consuming hiring. No confusing technology investments. No pipeline stress. Our Revenue Generation solutions give you everything you need — from omnichannel strategy development to high-impact sales services.

Armed with deep market insights, cutting-edge tools, and customer-driven sales techniques, our high-performing sales experts are tasked with one goal: get to YES.

Inbound & Outbound

Inbound & Outbound

Convert customers with personalized inbound and outbound tactics 

Quality Lead Generation

Quality Lead Generation

Close deals faster with high-value, persona-led leads

Retention & Win-back

Retention & Win-back

Lower acquisition costs with data-driven re-engagement 

Upsell & Cross-Sell

Upsell & Cross-Sell

Boost revenue and lifetime value with tech-enabled upselling

We Take the Risks.
You Reap the Rewards.

Don’t call us a vendor. Your success is our common goal. As your revenue partner, we work with you to seize new market opportunities, implement innovative sales strategies, and uncover alternative revenue sources.  

We can quickly scale to match sales spikes, streamline and automate processes, and test different sales channels – thereby maximizing your ROI.

Our results-driven approach means you pay for outcomes, not hours.
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Higher Revenue and Lower Costs

Harness more resources for growth, expanding product lines, and entering new markets

Focus and


Concentrate on core activities while streamlining processes 

Faster Speed

to Market

Analyze feedback quicker to refine products and capture market share 


Lifetime Value

Drive more revenue from repeat business, lowering Marketing spend and raising ROI

We’re not like the rest. Tackling the grind is table stakes: it’s our AI-powered Sales Academy, advanced lead and customer analytics, and intelligent workflows that optimize sales effectiveness, driving larger average deal sizes and greater retention.


faster speed to proficiency


more revenue generated vs. competitors


sales conversion for a fortune 50 company

Connect with us and learn how VXI can increase your average
transaction value, boost your customer lifetime value, and lower
your cost per acquisition. 


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We Know Your Customers

Personalized Sales Interactions


We Grind Smarter

AI-Powered Workflows for Efficiency Gains


We Pivot Faster

Mid-Sized Go-to-Market Partner for Flexibility


We Deliver Results

Outcome-Based Pricing Models for Accountability


We Scale Better

AI-Enhanced Training for Faster Speed to Proficiency