Unlock Next-Level Player Support

With rapid advancements in cloud gaming platforms, live streaming, and next-generation consoles, more people are playing video games than ever before, making the player experience the new competitive battleground. With so many games to choose from and ways to play, keeping gamers invested requires more than high-end graphics and compelling storylines – it requires memorable, mind-blowing experiences. 

The gaming industry is experiencing significant growth on a global scale, creating higher expectations for on-demand player support.

From triple A-games to player consoles, streaming services, and virtual reality hardware, VXI has experience streamlining player support operations. Our solutions focus on helping developers and publishers build advocacy, increase player lifetime value, and optimize costs:

VXI Gaming Solutions
  • Experience design & process engineering
  • Player support & retention
  • Social media & community building
  • Digital enablement
  • Analytics
Enhanced Player Support
  • Better player understanding & personalization
  • Faster response times
  • Higher resolution rates
  • High-touch, high-impact engagements to keep gamers social
Business Impact
  • Higher CSAT/NPS
  • Reduced transaction times
  • Lower cost per contact
  • Improved brand sentiment
  • Higher player lifetime value

Designing a Winning Player Experience

Players expect every aspect of a game to be fun, immersive, and frustration-free. That’s why leading developers invest a significant amount of time designing must-play user experiences (UX). Unfortunately, the same “design thinking” is not always applied to the service experience.

Many brands fall short of expectations when it comes to deploying fast, effective, and convenient service interactions. To stay ahead of the curve, VXI offers comprehensive experience management solutions to help design, deploy, and scale a winning player experience.

Journey Mapping
Process Design, Improvement, Standardization
NPS, CSAT, & CE Evaluations
Knowledge Management
WFM Advisory Services

Player Support Solutions for the Top Gaming Markets

With our global footprint in over 40 service locations and an established presence in two of the most lucrative gaming markets in the world, our teams can support your continued growth. To help our partners scale with ease, VXI offers flexible workforce solutions to connect gamers with gamers.

Our support teams and advocates provide end-to-end player support from assisting with activations to troubleshooting technical issues and upselling extension packs.

  • icon-inquiry Activations and account inquiries
  • icon-technical-support Technical support & remote assistance
  • icon-billing Billing, payments, refunds, & subscription management
  • icon-tracking Order tracking and fulfillment
  • sales-retention Sales and retention
  • icon-escalation Complaint handling & escalations
  • icon-cx Multichannel CX: email, chat, social, & voice support
Keeping Gamers

Keeping Gamers Social

Gamers can be vocal brand advocates who are eager to share their experiences and quick to point out what’s working and what isn’t on any public-facing channel. From social networks to community forums, and in-game social streaming and chat services, gamers expect brands to take a proactive approach to community building.

Having a nimble social media support and engagement strategy in place can make or break the player’s experience. VXI excels at creating legendary social media player experiences designed to increase a player’s lifetime value.

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Building a Gamer-Centric Culture

Achieving next-level player support isn’t possible without first building an engaged team of advocates. For our gaming partners, VXI strives to build a high-performance culture where employees feel connected to their teams, empowered to make an impact, and excited to come to work. By hiring gamers and focusing on the four pillars of employee engagement, VXI has achieved above 90% employee satisfaction scores for our gaming programs.


Gamers supporting gamers
Team building gaming tournaments
Training simulators & gamification modules
Scheduled hands-on gaming & console time
Rewards and recognition

Safeguarding & Streamlining the Player Experience

With more players engaging with brands outside of the game, across new platforms and social forums, the risk for fraud, account abuse, and toxicity is on the rise.

Limited resources, legacy systems, and disparate point solutions can impair an organization’s ability to create a safe, clean, and optimized player experience. VXI offers the following solutions to mitigate risks, empower frontline teams, and drive operational efficiency:

Fraud prevention & analytics
Content moderation
Digital workforce solutions
IT augmentation & software development

Unlock next-level support by teaming up with VXI

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