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Customer experience transformation, in short, is the relentless pursuit of simplicity. Ask customers what they want, and they'll tell you - a simple and seamless experience. Seemingly obvious right? But in practice, achieving simplicity means having to get good at managing complexity behind the scenes.

Today's operating environment challenges CX professionals to transcend complex technology stacks, broken processes, constrained resources, and traditional thinking to provide frictionless customer support.

At VXI, we excel at helping organizations:
Align Objectives with Customer and Employee Needs
Craft and Execute a Transformational Roadmap
Develop and Test New Capabilities and Channels
Standardize and Scale Business Processes
Optimize and Control Service Outcomes with Data

Learn how VXI’s Customer Xperience Acceleration team can help your brand shift the mindset to shift the model and drive long-term CX success.

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Capture the de facto CX before designing an optimal CX

Define what success looks like to make it easier to achieve.

What is your starting point, where do you want to go, and what are the potential roadblocks? If you don’t have the answers to these questions yet, don’t worry – we can help. If you do, but are struggling to execute on your vision, it’s time to re-evaluate your current state.

Is your vision grounded in reality? Do you understand your customers’ expectations, perceptions, and needs? Our domain experts make it easy to address your most pressing questions.

We baseline, audit, facilitate, and work with you to chart a winning path forward to unlock more value and optimize costs the right way.


Journey mapping


Competitive benchmarking


People, process, technology, and data analysis


Human-centered design

Accelerate CX Transformation with Human-Centered Design

Many contact centers are trapped in endless "find and fix" work that, at best, yields minimal results and, at worst, wastes valuable time and resources. Our whitepaper explains how to break the cycle by disrupting and deconstructing the current state to build a service framework for long-term success.

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Navigate a shifting landscape with a future-proof blueprint

Bridge transformation capability gaps with VXI.

To increase CX maturity, more organizations are turning to outsourced partners to build an objective blueprint for the future.

Our CX strategy and design services enable brands to optimize and transform in sprints, prioritizing high-value and high-impact initiatives through a phased, “crawl, walk, run” approach.

While your team addresses the day-to-day, our solution architects and Xperience Engineers work with you to design transformational roadmaps to deliver exactly what your organization needs – eliminating friction, lowering costs, and accelerating growth.


Custom workshops

ROI modelling


Process mapping


Project, sprint, and program planning

Achieve Award-Winning CX while Slashing Costs

Learn how a major consumer electronics brand elevated its social media CX, achieved a 161.4% increase in positive customer sentiment, and saved $752K annually through operational efficiencies.

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Build meaningful connections through experience orchestration

Design purposefully across channels, customer segments, and contact drivers.

The demand for multichannel experiences is growing. But increased convenience does not always lead to satisfactory contact conclusions.

While customers are clear about what they want – fast, effective, effortless support – they don’t always know how to get it.

Our digital channel strategy and orchestration services make it easy to implement new channels and optimize existing ones – supporting personalized, seamless, and outcome-focused experiences.


Channel guidance (UX workflows)

Pilot and proof of concept projects


Process and procedure excellence


Change management

Blend Channel Choice and Guided Design for Faster Resolutions

Experience the Execs in the Know and VXI on-demand webinar, showcasing recently released market research from the 2023 CX Leaders Trends & Insights Report. Gain actionable insights on evolving your multichannel strategies and optimizing costs through a blend of channel choice and guided design.

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Execute and enhance with ease - then optimize, transform, and repeat

Enhance productivity, improve service, and unlock even more value over time.

An organization’s ability to execute effectively at the process level can make or break its CX strategy.

That’s why we’ve made process excellence (PEX) a core competency, backed by a highly skilled team of domain experts fluent in disciplines that take your CX roadmap from ideation to implementation.

Optimize continuously, accelerate CX transformation, and always seek new ways to enhance value.


Agile Scrum

Lean Six Sigma


COPC CX Standard


IAQP Enterprise Quality


Root-Cause Analysis


Deliver differentiated experiences for both customers and agents

Deconstruct and disrupt to reduce CX complexity.

Our Customer Xperience Acceleration team is a group of design thinkers, CX operators, and “hands-on” practice leaders with the know-how to help contact centers transform and innovate.

Our mission is to create and deliver differentiated experiences for both customers and agents while remaining focused on value creation for our clients.

With decades of hard-won operational wisdom and in-depth technology enablement expertise, we design, build, and maintain integrated solutions to bridge experience gaps across channels, departments, borders, and BPOs.


Solve business challenges and experience gaps

Launch and orchestrate channels


Test and scale emerging technologies


Ensure operational and service excellence

Elevate CX and EX with a “Test and Scale” Approach

Learn how we worked with an international social technology company to optimize costs, scale support, and elevate both the CX (NPS soared to 30 points over target!) and EX through a “test and scale” approach leveraging digital maturity assessments, process mapping, user experience design, and more.

Download the Case Study

Capitalize on Our CX Strategy and Design Resources

Compelling customer experiences are challenging to design and even harder to deliver. Use our resources and let our experts arm you with the tools to reimagine and reengineer your contact center. Together, we can simplify CX and create a differentiated experience that your customers will love.

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